Clinics and Coursework

Clinics and Coursework


Under the supervision of an attorney, students perform the lawyer functions associated with their cases, including client and witness interviews, factual development, legal research, preparation of pleadings and negotiation. Students with third-year practice certification may also be responsible for courtoom advocacy. Clinics can offer students valuable public service experience and provide important networking contacts.


Some of the public service course offerings over the past three years include:

  • Administrative Law
  • Advanced Criminal Law
  • Advanced Topics in the First Amendment (Religion Clauses)
  • African-American Lawyers from the Civil War to the Present
  • Animal Law
  • Anti-Terrorism, Law and the Role of Intelligence
  • Children and the Law
  • Civil Liberties
  • Civil Liberties Survey
  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • Climate Change: Science, Markets, and Policy
  • Consumer Law
  • Contemporary Debates in Criminal Law
  • Criminal Adjudication
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Law Simulation
  • Criminal Procedure Survey
  • Current Issues in Forensic Science
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Environmental Law
  • Ethical Issues in Foreign Policy
  • Federal Land and Natural Resource Law
  • Federal Sentencing 
  • Germs, Guns, and Lead: Public Health Law and Policy
  • Global Health Law & Policy
  • Globalization and International Civil Litigation (SC)
  • Habeas Corpus and Wrongful Convictions
  • Health Care Law
  • Historic Preservation
  • Immigration Law
  • Intelligence Law Reform
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Law and Public Service
  • Law of the Police
  • Law and Psychology: Wrongful Convictions Seminar
  • Law of War
  • Law of War: Case File Course
  • Legislation
  • Legislative Drafting and Public Policy
  • Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Plea Bargaining
  • Poverty and the Constitution
  • Professional Responsibility in Public Interest Law Practice
  • Psychiatry and Criminal Law
  • Punishment in Law and Culture
  • Race and the Law
  • The Role of the Federal Prosecutor
  • Refugee Law
  • Rescue, Charity, and Justice
  • Understanding Police Use of Force: Investigation and Litigation Concepts

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Jeremy Bennie

Making a Difference — Every Day

"When I was a 2L, the Public Service Center connected me with the Charlottesville-Albemarle Office of the Public Defender. I externed there last semester, clerked there this summer, and will be working with them as much as I can for 3L. In all of law school, there's nothing I love more, and nothing that teaches me more, than standing in court next to clients, representing them and knowing that I am their attorney. It keeps me plugged in to the Charlottesville community. It enables me to make a difference — even if it's just a small difference — every day."

—Jeremy Bennie ’18