Health Information

Health Information

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All incoming students must submit UVA's Pre-Entrance Health Record by August 31, 2017. Complete and mail this form to:

Department of Student Health
P.O. Box 800760
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0760

Health Insurance

All UVA students are required to have health insurance. All law students will be billed for health insurance, which is administered by Aetna Student Health, on September 29, 2017, with payment due by October 31, 2017.  The cost of Student Health Insurance is $2,690 for the coverage year of August 15, 2017 to August 14, 2018.

If you want to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you are encouraged to do so before August 15, 2017 so that you can take advantage of coverage for the entire period.  You can get more information at

If you prefer to be covered under a different health insurance plan, you must prove that you have other insurance that meets the University’s coverage requirements.  To do so, you must complete the waiver application between July 17, 2017 and September 18, 2017.  Waiver information can be found at

If you have any questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan, you should contact Aetna Student Health’s customer service center at 1-800-466-3027. If you have questions about comparable coverage or the online waiver process, please contact Student Health at or (434) 243-2702. 
In order to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan or to complete the waiver process, you must have a University Identification Number.  To obtain your unique UID, first obtain your UVA Computing ID and Netbadge password (more). With these, log into; authenticate with your UVA Student System ID Number (SIS Number) from the email you received from Jennifer Hulvey in Financial Aid, your last name, your date of birth (month/day/year), and your email address (try your primary email address from your application first; if that doesn’t work, try your new UVA email address, which you should have set up per recent email instructions from Law ITC); submit the request, and your UID will be displayed. If you need assistance with this, please email

Please be advised, that students in the Schools of Law, Medicine, and Business do not qualify for the Graduate Student Health Insurance subsidy that you will see mentioned on the referenced websites.

If you require financial aid to cover your Student Health insurance or private insurance, please contact the Financial Aid Office.