Faculty Q&As

Scholarship Q&As

Directors Serving Multiple Corporate Boards Push Trends in Governance, Professors Michal Barzuza and Quinn Curtis Find (3.9.16)

Professor John Norton Moore Explains South China Sea Controversy (1.11.16)

Tax Professor and Former Key Congressional Staffer George Yin Examines Alleged Taxpayer Privacy Violation (9.30.15)

UVA Law Professor Gil Siegal, New Chair of Israeli Committee on Sex Selection, on Ethical Issues at Stake (9.4.15)

Ashley Deeks Proposes an International Legal Framework for Surveillance (8.7.15)

Are Formal Contracts Necessary in Long-Term Relationships? Professor Albert Choi Examines Their Role (7.13.15)

Rachel Harmon Addresses Federal Programs and the Real Costs of Policing (7.6.15)

Mila Versteeg on the Inefficacy of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions (2.6.15)

Ashley Deeks on the Law of Pre-emptive Strikes (11.17.14)

Josh Bowers on Policing, Common Sense and the Constitution (9.9.14)

Kerry Abrams and Kent Piacenti '12 on Immigration Law and Parentage (7.17.14)

Quinn Curtis on the Costs of 401(k) Retirement Plans (5.12.14)

Margaret Foster Riley on the Ethical, Legal Implications of Cloning Long-Lost Species (4.28.14)

Mila Versteeg on 'American Constitutional Exceptionalism Revisited' (4.2.14)

Toby Heytens on the Practice of Judicial 'Reassignment' (3.19.14)

Mildred Robinson on How Tax Solutions Could Stabilize K-12 Education Funding (10.14.13)

Michael Livermore on How a Misreading of the Supreme Court Is Leading to Inefficient Environmental Regulations (10.09.13)

Richard Bonnie on Gun Control, Mental Health Policies in Aftermath of Deadly Shootings (9.25.13)

A. E. Dick Howard on the Major Decisions of the Supreme Court's 2012-13 Term (9.9.13)

Alex Johnson on How Bar Exam Standards, 'Misapplication' to Law Schools Offer Obstacles to Minorities Seeking to Become Lawyers (7.23.13)

Ashley Deeks on Why Nations Negotiating Permission to Use Force Abroad Should Take Greater Care (3.22.13)

Michal Barzuza on How Businesses That Incorporate in Nevada Face Little Liability (2.19.13)

Jim Ryan on 'Poverty as Disability' and Reforming Special Education Law (10.31.12)

Deborah Hellman Critiques Supreme Court's Role in Defining Corruption in Campaign Finance (10.18.12)

George Yin on the 'Greatest Tax Suit in the History of the World' and Why It Matters Today (10.16.12)

John Jeffries Makes Case for Reforming Constitutional Torts (10.10.12)

Lois Shepherd and Margaret Foster Riley on a Common Conflict of Interest in Clinical Research and How to End It (10.4.12)

A. E. Dick Howard on the Emerging Picture of the Roberts Court (9.17.12)

John Morley Named New Director of Law & Business Program (9.6.12)

David Martin on New U.S. Policy to Defer Deportation of Young Immigrants (8.15.12)

Richard Bonnie on the Need for a Constitutional Right to the Insanity Defense (7.20.12)

Leslie Kendrick on the Pattern of Supreme Court's First Amendment Jurisprudence (5.30.12)

Frederick Schauer on Whether There Are (Enough) Political Risks to Breaking the Law (4.9.12)

Dan Ortiz on Citizens United and the Supreme Court's Shift Away from Protecting Voters (3.19.12)

Kerry Abrams Examines Legal Implications of Marriage Fraud (2.8.12)

George Yin on the State of President Obama's Tax Reform Proposals (1.25.12)

George Cohen on the Financial Meltdown and the 'Forgotten' Law of Contracts (1.3.12)

Thomas Nachbar on a New Shift U.S. Detention Policy (12.29.11)

Kenneth S. Abraham on How BP Oil Spill Revealed Insurance Gaps (12.15.11)

Richard Schragger on Debt Crises Facing States, Localities (11.2.11)

Thomas Hafemeister Addresses Omission of Medical Malpractice Reform in Health Care Law (10.21.11)

Edmund Kitch, Frederick Schauer, Richard Schragger, Paul Mahoney: In Wake of Wall Street Protests, Professors Illuminate 'Corporate Personhood' (10.20.11)

George Rutherglen on Employees' Rights and Lessons from the History of the 13th Amendment (10.17.11)

John Monahan on Understanding What Makes Terrorists Tick

Margo Bagley Focuses on Law Behind Keeping Drug Patents Profitable (10.6.11)

Brandon Garrett Investigates Increase in Prosecutions of Foreign Corporate Crime (7.25.11)

James Ryan: Progressives Should Embrace 'New Textualism' (5.25.11)

Greg Mitchell, John Monahan, Larry Walker: Expert Provided Insufficient Evidence to Warrant Wal-Mart Employment Discrimination Class Action (5.2.11)

Paul Stephan Examines Origins, Applications of Jus Cogens in International Law (3.31.11)

John Morley on Finding Surprises, Consequences in Origins of Mutual Fund Regulation (3.2.11)

Frederick Schauer on the Virtue of Following Rules (1.27.11)

Risa Goluboff Explores Supreme Court Connection Between Vagrancy Law and Abortion Rights (12.10.10)

G. Edward White Takes Fresh Look at Legal History in Forthcoming Three-Volume Series (11.20.10)

Kim Forde-Mazrui Examines Tradition Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage, Steps Down from Race and Law Center (10.6.10)

Richard Schragger on What Keeps Church, State Separate (8.18.10)

Darryl Brown Explores Overcriminalization in the Justice System (7.16.10)

Michal Barzuza Examines Why Businesses Choose Nevada (7.2.10)

Greg Mitchell Explores What Psychology Can Bring to Study of Judicial Decision-Making in New Book (6.21.10)