Applications to UVA Law School Grow 9 Percent

April 28, 2010

Applications to the Law School rose 9 percent this year, following a 20 percent increase last year, according to Admissions Office data.

Admitted students
This year, more than 400 students attended admitted student open houses.

"The quality of the applicants continues to amaze me," said Jason Wu Trujillo '01, senior assistant dean for admissions and financial aid." Jason Dugas, Cordel Faulk and I were faced with many difficult but carefully deliberated decisions. Choosing the next generation of Virginia Law students is an honor we three take very seriously."

Nationwide, American Bar Association-certified law schools have seen a cumulative 3 percent increase in applicants, and a 7.2 percent increase in applications, according to

Virginia accepted 10.4 percent of applicants this year, compared to 14.7 percent last year and 19.7 percent the year before.

So far this year, there have been 8,562 applications to the Law School, up from 7,880 last year and 6,548 the year before. Those students are competing for around 350 spots in the Class of 2013.

"This is the most competitive year to get in on record. I said that last year but this year is even tougher," Trujillo said.

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