Student Bar Association Launches New Web Site

March 25, 2008

The Student Bar Association recently rolled out a new Web site to help current and prospective students find out what's happening at the Law School.

The new SBA Web site was funded by the Law School.

"This was something that we had been wanting since the get-go," said former SBA President Brian J. Leung, a third-year law student who oversaw the implementation of the new site. will help students track events and also serve as a hub for the school's student organizations, Leung said.

"We want prospective students to see what it is that the Student Bar Association does, and to see what students do in their free time with the plethora of activities available to them," he said.

Each of the school's student organizations has its own space on the site. Group members can upload pictures and event listings, according to current SBA President Ryan Quillian.

"This will allow each student organization to list its members, its board members, and to link to any other Web sites," said Quillian, a second-year law student.

The new SBA site also hosts a color-coded events calendar that features different shades for social functions, meetings, speakers, and SBA events.

In addition, all SBA forms are online at the new site, including sought-after documents such as the "take-your-professor-to-lunch" form, Leung said.

"This way, you don't have to search around saying 'Who do I contact?' or "What do I do?'" he said.

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