Ninth Annual Library Art Show Mixes Pixels, Pigments

September 15, 2006
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"Pixels and Pigments"

The Law School Library's ninth annual art show, "Pixels and Pigments," which opened last week, features a collection of works from artists that used computer imaging, oil paint, or watercolors as their medium.

"Pixels and Pigments" is the result of two years of planning and hard work by Library Director Taylor Fitchett and curator Joan Soderlund, a member of the nonprofit McGuffey Art Center, based in Charlottesville. They wanted to show art created with cutting-edge technology in relation to more traditional work, and the intersection in between. With some pieces it is easy to tell what is computer-generated and what is hand-painted, but several works are more ambiguous. The works are on display throughout the Library, primarily on the second floor.

As curator, Soderlund selected the featured artists, including herself, Blake Hurt, Kristin Onuf, Gresham Sykes, Edith Arbaugh, Nancy Bass, Ann Cheeks, and John Grant. All eight artists are part of the McGuffey Art Center.

"McGuffey is very competitive and the people we get are validated by others in their field, so we're getting high-quality art work," Fitchett said. Some artists contributed work from their studios, others, like Ann Cheeks, work at home. Cheeks's oil painting uses both oil and fabric to create a three-dimensional work that one can only fully appreciate after looking at the piece up close, then looking at the piece from 10 feet away.

The show will be on display until after graduation in May 2007. The works are priced at $750 to $2,800, a range Fitchett hopes will allow students as well as faculty members to purchase the art. Interested buyers should contact Taylor Fitchett.

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