Rutherglen Awarded Traynor Prize

April 27, 2005

Prof. Rutherglen
Rutherglen is John Barbee Minor Distinguished Professor of Law and Edward F. Howrey Research Professor.

Law professor George Rutherglenhas won the Roger and Madeline Traynor Faculty Achievement Award, presented by Dean John C. Jeffries Jr.April 25 at a faculty luncheon.

The award was established in 1994 with a gift by Madeline Traynor in honor of her husband, a former Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court and a visiting professor at the Law School during the late 1960s. The honor, which provides $5,000 to the recipient, is given every other year to a senior faculty member.

"I'm very grateful for the recognition from my colleagues on the faculty and especially for an award named in honor of Roger Traynor, who was one of the most distinguished graduates from Boalt Hall, from which I graduated too," said Rutherglen.

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