Class of 2005 Pledge Drive Reaches 80 Percent

April 29, 2005

Class manager Scott Cullen

The Class of 2005 reached its record goal of 80 percent participation in the class gift April 28.

"Last year's pledge drive-which was run by my roommate-reached 79 percent," said class manager Scott Cullen. "The total percentage has increased for each of the last few years, and we wanted to continue that trend. I also wanted to best my roommate.

"While we are incredibly happy to be able to reach such a numerical landmark, we are doubly pleased to have set a new
record this year, when we are dedicating our pledge drive to [Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Beverly] Harmon, as a symbolic way of thanking her for all that she has given to us in the Law School Community," he added in a message to classmates.

Students may make pledges until graduation, when the class gift is announced.

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