Classroom Construction To Begin During Winter Break

December 21, 2005

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Existing floorplan; WB 102 and

Existing floorplan; WB 102 and
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Proposed changes

Proposed changes

Artist's rendering

Artist's rendering of a completed
classroomDuring the winter break the Law School will begin a renovation project that will yield a 45-seat classroom, an 80-seat classroom, an additional seminar room, and six offices, Law School Dean John C. Jeffries, Jr. announced. The new classrooms and offices, which will replace the current space occupied by WB 102 and WB 104, are scheduled to be completed by August 2006. 

"In the last 10 years, we have made major efforts to reduce the size of our classes," Jeffries said. Classrooms WB 102 and 104, the last two rooms on the left as you exit Withers-Brown toward Arlington Blvd., currently seat 150 students. "Consequently, we no longer have a huge need for very large classrooms, and they are often vacant."

The new facilities will include free-standing swivel chairs, improved lighting, and state-of-the-art electronics. "The result will be greatly improved spaces for classroom instruction," Jeffries said.

Demolition is scheduled to begin Monday, Dec. 26 and will continue through Friday, Jan. 6. The noisiest part of construction will be demolishing the current classroom tiers, which will begin as soon as full-length dust and noise barriers are built in the Withers classroom corridor. Once the second semester begins, the Law School will keep noise to a minimum by limiting heavy construction to hours classes are not in session and to weekends. 


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