Survey of Law Firms Finds Virginia Grads Among Most Favored

December 2, 2004

A survey of 250 national law firms' recent hiring decisions conducted by the National Law Journalfound that University of Virginia School of Law graduates were the second most favored group, trailing Georgetown University Law Center but ahead of Harvard, Michigan and Duke law schools. Firms identified nearly 200 schools as sources for hiring first-year associates.

Georgetown was named by 114 firms, Virginia by 97, and Harvard by 96. Nineteen firms did not respond to the "most-mentioned" survey, which the NLJ reported in its November 15 issue. Georgetown had nearly twice as many graduates in the market as Virginia. Its 2004 class numbered 687; Virginia's totaled 366.

Virginia ranked fifth in the number of graduates hired by NLJ 250 firms, with 208. Harvard topped the list with 322, followed by Georgetown (298), Columbia (235), and New York University (228).

Firms cited positive experiences with previous graduates as their main reason for favoring particular schools.

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