Law School Alumni Incumbents Sweep Their Elections

November 3, 2004

All Law School alumni who were up for re-election for congressional seats Tuesday won their races, according to press reports of projected winners. Newcomer Luis Fortuno '85 is the projected winner of the race to represent Puerto Rico in the House of Representatives as a non-voting member, while recent graduate Sam Sheldon '04 lost to long-time Republican incumbent Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in the 18th District of Florida.

Projected Incumbent Winners

Sen. Evan Bayh '81 (D-Ind.)

Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond '63 (R-Mo.)

Rep. Rick Boucher '71 (D-Va.)

Rep. Tom Davis '75 (R-Va.)

Rep. Randy Forbes '77 (R-Va.)

Rep. Virgil Goode '73 (R-Va.)

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee '75 (D-Texas)


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