Libel Show Makes New York City Scene of the Crime

March 25, 2003

Tony Awards
The Tony Awards come to C'ville, with Jared Garner, Tammy Caplin, Jessica Smith, Rick Bettan, Alli Orr, Chang Chiu, Brian Green, Kristiana Brugger, John Sensing, Dan Murphy, Jennifer Glick, Geoff Fasel, Keva Martin, Catherine DeRoever, and Kelley Riddle.

Law students took on the Big Apple with their 95th production of the Libel Show, a spoof of Law School professors, classes and students that ran March 19-21. The Show raised enough money for the Public Interest Law Association to fund one student’s public interest summer fellowship.

The production opened with a Law School take on
The Sopranos—
The Professors—and moved on to numbers mocking the United Nations,
Joe Millionaire("Joe [NGSL] Commissioner"),
Jesus Christ Superstar, over-achieving students and third-year blues. Contact Alison Keith to order a videotape of the show.



Homily Cab Nicole Farrar and Drew Larsen spoof Career Services in "Taxicab Confessions."

Joe Commissioner (L-R) Jamie Norris, Emily Tabak, Julie Jordan, Lana Pettus and Mary Stone vie for the heart of of a NGSL Commissioner, played by John Sensing.
Jody Kraus Superstar Keva Martin, Nick Madden, Dave Serrat, Adam Greene and Laura Moriaty spoof "Jesus Christ Superstar."
Thursday Night
Alison Keith (playing an undergraduate) and Geoffrey Fasel get Thursday Night Fever on the Corner.

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