Ballenger '02 Wins Labor LawyerWriting Competition

April 30, 2003

Matt Ballenger '02

Recent Law School graduate Matt Ballenger '02 has been named
The Labor Lawyer's2002 Student Writing Competition winner for his paper, "The Price of Justice: The Role of Cost Allocation in the Employment Arbitration Fairness Analysis."

Now a first-year associate at Hogan & Hartson in Washington, D.C., Ballenger wrote his paper during his second and third years at the Law School, under the direction of Law Professor Rip Verkerke. Ballenger said the paper examined the developing field of the law surrounding the enforceability of employment arbitration agreements.

"To be enforced, such agreements must be deemed 'fair,' and there are many considerations which factor into such an analysis," Ballenger said. "The paper focused on the manner in which the allocation of the costs of arbitration between employer and employee influences the determination of whether a particular agreement will be considered 'fair' by the courts."

Ballenger's article was printed in the Winter/Spring issue of
The Labor Lawyerand can be viewed at, starting on page 151 of the PDF.

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