Environmental and Land Use Law

Environmental and Land Use Law

Environmental and Land Use Law

The Environmental and Land Use Law Program includes 20 elective courses and seminars, including several interdisciplinary classes co-taught by law professors and faculty in urban planning, environmental sciences and the humanities. Students also undertake independent research projects on subjects of their choosing. Recent topics have included climate change nuisance claims, land conservation in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and regional land use and growth-management policies.

The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2015-16 is coded (16), 2016-17 is coded (17) and 2017-18 is coded (18).

Courses and Seminars

Advanced Administrative Law: Rulemaking (16)
Advanced Environmental Law (17,18)
Climate Change Law and Policy (17,18)
Conservation Planning and Law (17,18)
Energy and Environmental Products Trading and Commodities Regulation (SC) (16,17,18)
Energy and the Environment (17)
Energy Regulation and Policy (16,18)
Environmental Ethics (16)
Environmental Law (16,17,18)
Federal Lands, Energy and Natural Resource Law (16,17)
International Environmental Law (17)
Land Use Law (17,18)
Literature, Law and the Environment (16)
Movement Lawyering for Global Justice: Human Rights and the Environment (SC) (16)
Science and Policy of Biodiversity Conservation (16)
State and Local Government Law (18)
Sustainable Development Theory and Practice (SC) (16)
Urban Law and Policy (16,17)


Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic (16,17,18)