Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2015-16 is coded (16), 2016-17 is coded (17) and 2017-18 is coded (18).

Elective Courses and Seminars

Advanced Criminal Law (17)
Coercion (SC) (17)
Computer Crime (17,18)
Contemporary Debates in Criminal Law (17,18)
Corporate Rights (17)
Crime and Punishment (16,17)
Criminal Adjudication (16,18)
Criminal Investigation (16,17,18)
Criminal Justice Policy (18)
Criminal Law Simulation (SC) (18)
Criminal Procedure Seminar (16,17,18)
Criminal Procedure Survey (16,17,18)
Criminology (16,17,18)
Current Issues in Drug Law and Policy (SC) (18)
Current Issues in Forensic Science (17,18)
Cyber Law and Policy (16,18)
Death Penalty (16,17)
Federal Criminal Pre-Trial and Trial Practice (18)
Federal Litigation Practice (16,17,18)
Federal Sentencing (SC) (16,17,18)
Forensics Litigation (SC) (17,18)
Habeas Corpus (16)
International Criminal Law (16,17,18)
Law and Psychology: Wrongful Convictions Seminar (18)
Law of the Police (16,17,18)
Legislation and Regulation (18)
Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice (17)
Plea Bargaining (SC) (16,17,18)
Prison Reform Litigation and Advocacy (SC) (17)
Social Science in Law (16,17,18)
Terrorism, Human Rights and Rule of Law: Comparative Approach (SC) (17)
The Role of the Federal Prosecutor (18)
Understanding Police Use of Force: Investigation and Litigation Concepts (SC) (17,18)
White Collar Criminal Defense Practice (17,18)
White Collar Investigations, Enforcement and Business Risk Mitigation (16)
Women in the Criminal Justice System (SC) (18)


Criminal Defense Clinic (16, 17,18) 
Innocence Project Clinic (YR) (16,17,18) 
Prosecution Clinic (YR) (16,17,18)

Death Penalty